Video In Print

Plays video directly from a printed brochure

“Video In Print” or Video Brochures is a contemporary and dynamic concept for promotion, it showcases your brand in a high tech, yet conventional printed brochure form.

When you open the brochure, it comes to life with a video playing inside the LCD screen sharing your key communications with your audience in a dynamic, visual form that has a far greater level of engagement than a conventional brochure.

So in this youtube driven environment when your colleagues say ‘no one reads anything anymore’ you can say ‘well they can just watch’!

Why Video In Print?

We create a dynamic product that blends the accuracy of direct mail tools with the impact of high definition video. When your customer receives their Video In Print product you can literally hear the sounds and joy of excitement reverberating down the street. It’s the ultimate direct marketing product!

Our Video Brochures never fail to impress your customers. With Video In Print you get to communicate your most important messages immediately with the highest levels of engagement. Your customer is literally in the palm of you hands!

The option to make an impact are many and varied. We are continually looking at infusing new technologies and options to maintain the WOW factor. Video In Print manufactures and supplies High Definition video brochures, video cards, video folders, video presentation boxes, video books and further we can customise to your needs.

Case Studies

How to influence and persuade key stakeholders

During the last Federal election Community Services & Health (CSH), and who are now a part of the Australian Industry & Skills Committee (AISC) wanted an innovative and memorable way to maintain their current levels of Federal Government funding. After an initial consultation we decided the best way to do this was via an infographic animation based on the challenges CSH faces financially whilst looking after over 1.3 million employees in the health and care sector, with an ever increasing ageing population.

After finalising the infographic animation the next step was finding the best method to lunch this, and then the ‘light’ went on and wallah we decided to showcase this infographic via a business card sized Video In Print brochure.

When the Communications Manager next went to Canberra they set up meeting with the relevant Ministers and at the end of the meeting popped one of these business card sized brochures into their pocket. Needless to say the Ministers were blown away at this unique and influential way to present information and they duly received funding in the first round of government expenditure.

How to Raise Funds From Corporate Heavyweights

The advertising agency Saatchi & Saatchi came with the purpose of raising money for the RSPCA via the CEO’s of some of Australia’s leading companies. They had an innovative and well thought out idea of sending personalised video brochures where not only was the print work personalised to the individual CEO’s name, but also the video’s had a personalised greeting to be used in each of the Video In Print brochures

As part of our service we were able to upload each individual clip where the presenter would introduce each video with “Hello Bruce”, or “Hello Gail” and then proceed to outline the situation of RSPCA needing to raise funds to continue the great work they do.

The campaign was so successful there were reprints for not only the ASX top 200 companies but the ASX 500 companies. The lesson here is not only do high-level execs love animals, but above all they love having their ego stroked and prominence noted!


This is why we do what we do!

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